The Comet

I was sailing up on the yacht Escapology to take part in the Bay of Islands Sailing regatta in 2007. The comet McNaughton was meant to be visible from the North Island of New Zealand and as it grew dark we started scanning the horizon for it. We couldn’t see anything so I went below to have my turn at sleeping then someone sighted it.

I jumped up on deck expecting a small fuzzy ball, but as the sky darkened we could see the red glowing ball and a great tail that gradually filled in the horizon. I understood then why comets were considered portents of doom in the past. If I saw that suddenly appear in the sky one day, I’d be praying to the Gods as well! But it was beautiful and something that only appears in a few lifetimes. The universe is truly spectaular. I never ended up getting my sleep,but it was worth it.comet

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