Day five – a picture of somewhere I’ve been to…

When I was about 12, my family belonged to the country club out by the airport, (which is not as fancy as it sounds). I used to watch the jumbo jets take off and all I could think of was the day when I could jump on one and fly away from dumb old New Zealand. To be fair, this was way back in the 1970s and this place was dull! It has improved considerably since then but I still love to travel, and I’ve been really lucky in that I have lived in and traveled to many different places. By far, though, my favourite place in the whole world is Aitutaki in the Cook Islands. Not only is it stunningly beautiful, but the locals are lovely, and I feel connected to the place whenever I’m there. I have been there five times already, which may be too

It really is that beautiful

many as there is not a lot to do there, but fortunately not doing a lot, especially on a beach with a good book, is one of my all-time favourite past-times – and I’m very good at it too!

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