Day 8 – short-term goals for this month

I used to be really into setting goals, but after a while I realized it was just depressing because invariably I’d never reach them. Our society seems to be pathologically goal-orientated – married by a certain age, children by this age, brilliant career, millionaire by 30 – faster, stronger, slimmer, prettier, higher. Impossibly high standards are foisted on us and then we get crushed when we don’t meet them.
Challenge is different – challenge helps us grow and gives us self-belief. It may be just an age thing, but I’ve decided I’d rather enjoy the journey than stress over the destination. It has manifested itself in strange ways; I’m no longer competitive, whereas I used to be very much so, and I’ve lost interest in competitive sports. I really don’t care who wins a rugby, netball, yachting race anymore, I just like watching them.  Once I realized the fun of life is in the doing, I started to enjoy it a whole lot more. So my one and only goal at any time, is make the most of each day and have as much fun as possible doing it!

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