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Los Angeles – Museums

The Broad – Contemporary Art Gallery

Prepare to gasp when you reach the second-floor gallery of the Broad. I would go back to LA just to revisit it.

The Broad

The Broad (rhymes with road) is on Grand Avenue in Downtown Los Angeles, down the road from the Walt Disney Concert Hall. It is a contemporary art museum and houses the collection of philanthropists Eli and Edythe Broad. It is a stunning building, and if you love architecture and contemporary art, you have to visit. You’ll need about three to fours hours, and although it’s free you have to reserve tickets via the website or wait in the standby line outside. It took about 30 minutes when I was there, although I imagine it will take longer in busier periods. Be there for opening if you want to get into the installations as you can only book inside and they fill up fast as well. Tickets book up fast and are released on the first of every month at noon PT for the following month, so plan ahead.

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Things to do and see in Los Angeles

This may not be the best time in history to be writing about travelling to the US, but my recent trip to Los Angeles was great – I had a fantastic holiday. I spent two weeks in LA and one week travelling around.

Before I left, heaps of people told me I’d only need two or three days in LA, as it turned out I ran out of time to do all the things I wanted to do. The biggest surprise was the outstanding art museums and architecture. LA is so much more than theme parks and Disneyland, although I had fun there too – so here is my list of things to do in LA. Continue reading Things to do and see in Los Angeles

Beautiful, magical Aitutaki

Magical Aitutaki

It was my sixth visit to Aitutaki, but it had been six years since my last one and I was feeling nervous that it wouldn’t be as I remembered it. But I needed a break – sometimes you just have to get out of Dodge to realign, restore, reboot, and Aitutaki beckoned with its white sandy beaches, turquoise lagoon and calm, peaceful atmosphere. More importantly, as a solo female traveler it is very safe destination to go to on my own.

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The Road to Maun – via Marseilles


Red wine and bread – better than cold water


Many years ago, I  traveled around Southern Africa for about a year. I went there mainly because my  friend Carol was living with a Greek Cypriot (named Theo, surprisingly enough) in Gaberone, the capital of Botswana. As all good Kiwis do, when I was about 25 I decided it was time to do my OE (Overseas Experience) which is a long-time tradition here. I don’t know when it started, but it’s been going for a long time. My parents went overseas after they were married. In those days, people tended to go to England and then travel around Europe and they were no exception. But being broke at the time, Dad worked his way across on a tramp steamer, and Mum (judging by the photos of her ) partied her way across on a cruise liner. Dad definitely got the short straw there. Continue reading The Road to Maun – via Marseilles